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So I REALLY want to go to Anime Central in Chicago on May 5-7th
But I have no idea who to cosplay as
Anyone who has any ideas please leave them
I need your help
I'm sure you know what I look like if you're reading this

And if anyone is interested in going
I have a car
All I would need is money and stuff
And I have room for like 2 or three people

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Okay! I have a super exciting entry today
It has been a while, so I'll it amazing!

Oh yeah
I'm thinking about a haircut.
Any suggestions or recommendations on places to go?

And here the story begins...

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Blah. Lately I have been feeling alright
Not super good, not super bad

Work is going great, and I'm meeting new people
I am really quiet for some reason while I'm there
I hope things get better, but it is only the 4th day

I keep having blasted crazy dreams
They are the kinda dreams you know you're in a dream
And you can control everything / visit anyone you want
It's great but saddening at the same time

I'm just sitting here relaxing after a nice game of tennis
I am a tennis whore.. I'll play with anyone :D
Last night I went over to play cards but ended up playing tennis outside

This weekend should be nice and relaxing besides all the tests coming up on Monday and Tuesday :(

I took some pictures while taking a nice little walk through the woods
It's been while !

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Ya know what I noticed?
I am surrounded by wonderful loving friends
I feel like such a lucky girl
Not to mention that they are all extremely gorgeous

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One question has really been on my mind

What do you think about love and money? I'm not asking you to pick one or the other, but to define your view on the order / order of importance of them. Do you think you should have one before the other or take them as they come? Do you favor one or the other? An example would be, that you would make sure that you were financially stable before finding someone to be with. Or would you change your dreams to be with someone... or even keep both?

On another note, I got a part in the play
I am Princess Laya from Star Wars
I hope the I have time to be in it!